Grace Millennium presents a shifting paradigm in which the art, writings and shared experiences of women reveal the transformational power of grace in these challenging times.

After four and a half years, the spring 2001 issue will be my last print edition as editor/publisher. I intend to keep the website going as an international forum for woman but will be happy to discuss selling or trading the rights to continue the print magazine.
In this double issue artist Moma De Louvre shares paintings of the light of the child. Articles explore the heart and joy of teaching and learning through stories and interviews of teachers in public, private and charter schools along with those teaching special programs for drama, poetry and entrepreneurial enterprises. We also talk to children about their educational experiences past and present, explore special functions of the human heart, bonding, the healing value of plants and gardens, street counseling, cross-cultural adoption, child-raising and the power of ancestral influences. Finally we explore the dangers of vaccines and mind-altering prescription medications for children.

Jerri-Jo Idarius, Editor

Letter to the Children of the World
From Moma De Louvre


Poetry: My Happy Place
by Mary Lopez
Point Arena Elementary

Storm of Words
by Karen Lewis, Albion

Call Me
by Lecicia Cervantes
Point Arena Elementary

Like This
by Gina Lappe
Point Arena Elementary

by Christina Delgado Yanez
Fort Bragg High School

by Kelly Albin
Fort Bragg High School


Colors of My Heart
by Sharon Burch, Windsor


Our Advice to Other Kids
by the Kids at North Haven School Ukiah

It is Time
by Melinda Hunter
Coyote Valley Reservation



COVER ARTIST, Spectrum Series Paintings

A Career of Caring:
Bringing the Light to the Public School System
Interview with Virginia Grace Braun, Cloverdale

California Poets in the Schools
Interview with Karen Lewis, Albion

A Journey Through the Grades Waldorf Style
with Kate Gould, Ukiah

Going into Ms. Gould’s Third Grade
Interview with Susan & Callie, Ukiah

Melville Montessori School
with Principal Athena Melville, Willits

Drama in the Classroom
Interview with Polly Erion, Fort Bragg

Growing Up at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Interview with Shari Ruei-Hua Epstein, Stanford

Interview with Ute Roland, Little River

Spirit and Matter of the Heart
Interview with Dorothy Mandel, Santa Rosa

The Colors of My Heart:
Giving a New Voice to Navaho Tradition
Interview with Sharon Burch, Windsor

Tech Prep
Interview with Vicky Patterson, Redwood Valley

Should You Child Take Mind Altering Prescription Drugs
by Lisa Fine, Wheaton, Maryland

Youth on the Streets:
Interview with Julie Westney, Albion

A School Garden & Labyrinth
with Chrie Lee Holden
and Students Jennifer and Rebecca, Ukiah

A Bridge Over the Ocean
by Susan Sher, Ukiah

The Emperor’s New Clothes:
Decades of Lies About Vaccines
by Dr. Viera Scheibner, Australia

Front Cover Art: Spectrum Series painting entitled
“Blue Waters of Gold” by Moma De Louvre ·
4” x 8’ · Acrylic and lacquer on canvas ·
#MDL20010004 · © 2001 MDL

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