Grace Millennium

Grace Millennium presents a shifting paradigm in which the art, writings and shared experiences of women reveal the transformational power of grace in these challenging times.

Although we will be continuing to publish Grace Millennium on-line, we are suspending the print publication and offering the magazine for sale. We want to hear from anyone who is interested and has fresh ideas for keeping this dream alive.

Spring 2001 is another double issue following the child and education theme—this time with emphasis on Children of the New Millennium a.k.a. Indigo Children. In this final issue, I have opened the door for greater participation from our regional, country and and planetwide communities. Cover artist, Moma De Louvre presents a series of paintings on the theme of the Indigo children along with poetic visions of their entry to Earth. This issue also gives voice to children from around the world in their own words, poems and paintings as well as through anecdotal stories from their parents.
Watch for additions to the Grace Millennium website at the address below.

Jerri-Jo Idarius, Editor


Wordless in a New Place
by Carol Kohli, Willits

Poetry: Indigo Bridge by Victoria Chicago, Illinois

The Farthest Dream by Melanie Tongren, Granby, Connecticut



Indigo Children Paintings by Moma De Louvre

Three Hawks
Interview with Vina Lopez-Tropy, Redwood Valley

The Inner Life of A Child
Interview with Rami Vissell, Aptos

Today I Am a Published Writer
by C.J. Lynn, Spokane, Washington

Jomanda, The Lady of Light:
Interview in Mendocino California while on tour

Children of the New Millennium:
Interview/Book Review with P.M.H. Atwater Charlottesville, Virginia

Karen Eck
Interview with founder of on-line discussion groups for
Indigo children and their parents

Wings of Light
Interview, with Carolyn Kaufman, Whittier, California

Dawning of Forever
Interview with Natalie Montano, Anaheim Hills, California

Child Artist
Interview with Konstanze Reinhard, Ojai, California

Indigo Parents Group: Internet postings from around the world

One Indigo’s Story
by Terri Plewa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Unless You Are Like Little Children
by Leeya Brook, Ukiah, California

Melanie: Personal Internet posts
by Melanie of Granby, Connecticut

Portrait of a Millennium Child
Interview with mother Kelli of Minnesota


Cover Painting
Indigo Series painting entitled “Innocence”
by Moma De Louvre,
acrylic and oil on canvas ·
#MDL 980005013 · © 1998 MDL ·
“Painting of child connecting to self
before entering this plane of existence.”

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