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After 45 years experience in graphic arts, I am able to offer integrated services in all aspects of publishing—from book design for self-publishing projects, copywriting, editing, restoration of photos, resumes, certificates, catalogs, labels, and more.

I work with both local and long-distance customers, often receiving images and text electronically, then sending back proofs and finished copy. However, I also enjoy working with clients in person, making minute to minute decisions together — especially when working with websites or photographs. Once a book or catalog is ready for press, I can speak to the printer about details, send off the final copy, and assist in pre-press forms and desicions.

Creation Designs also offers greater integration by coordinating with a network of specialists in logo design, illustration, videography, and web desiign . . . although I sometimes also design websites.

After studying at two art school, receiving college BA in art and a teaching credential, I realized that my primary love was calligraphy. I combined working as a calligrapher in the 1970s and 80s with teaching at local schools. I let my K-12 credential go in favor of a lifetime adult school credential and was still able to teach italic handwriting as a specialty teacher to K-12 students as well as college students and adults. Along the way my work was pulished in several books, maps, and posters, on menus, business cards, invitations, etc. I participated in a few gallery shows as well.

My passion for desktop publishing began to manifest in the 1990s when I became editor and co--publisher of Sojourn Magazine, followed by my publishing Grace Millennium, both quarterly regional magazines. The first issues were delivered to the printer on huge layout sheets; all photos were digitized and pasted up alongside text. After 4 1/2 years, I was able to deliver the entire magazine on computer disk. Then came book design . . . while still carrying on with my great love for calligraphy and teaching.

Some of my book & CD designs and selections of photography are on a these self-styles websites: Book Design, Music and Poetry CDs. and a local Kinetic Carnival Event. Several of the slide shows I had uploaded contained Javascript, now passé.

In addition I have posted some Event Photographs on Wix; Nature and Music Photos on Weebly and a series of fun people photos on Flickr and Facebook.

In 2013, while at a wonderful seminar with the Association of Personal Historians in Washington D.C., I was introduced to a well-made hand scanner.This has allowed me to scan photos without removing them from their albums. This saves the photos from damage and saves a great deal of time as well.

I now have 15 years experience putting together books using photos and text for Family History, Travel Books, Fiction, and Non-Fiction (hard or soft cover). You can read an array of Testimonials from some of the people I have worked with:

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