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Digital Photography

Whether photographing artwork, sales products, personnel, real estate offerings, landscapes or events, digital photographs will bring your website, brochure, catalog or other publication to life.

I use a Nikon D300 for studio and outdoor use with portrait, close-up, wide-angle and telephoto capabilities. In addition I use special tents, copy stands, backdrops and lighting for photographing paintings, jewelry, coins, sculpture, ceramics and special products.

My photography websites:

PhotosbyJJ - local event photography
Weebly - nature photography
Flickr - friends, family, music and other photos

Jerri-Jo Idarius • Creation Designs
Willits, California
Phone and Fax: 707-459-0241



On behalf of the District's Recreation, Greenbelt & Conservation Committee, we would like to thank you for the photography project you prepared for the public meeting. We feel these will be very useful for the future meetings as well.

Your speedy reaction to the committee's request and your braving the elements to get those shots, made it possible to have the project done in time. We appreciate your extra effort and your advice about the technology.

Yours truly,

Mike Chapman
General Manager
Brooktrails Township
Community Service District
Willits, California

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